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My practice looks at creating science fictional worlds through all-encompassing experiences from a embodied neurodivergent perspective. My latest work Gyri (2021) was created in residence at Misk Art Institute, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Realised through a multi-dimensional being leading us through this world, with a particular focus on perception of time. Incorporating interactive augmented reality and digital film. Making connections between lived reality and the mixed realities of the sci-fi world. An important aspect of my projects involve working with creatives from location specific communities taking multiple perspectives upon the same theme. Creating work through a remixed, creative commons cyberfeminist lens. For example for Gyri I have worked with 5 creatives from Saudi; Hana Almilli, Cosmicat, Moath Alofi, Yousef Almana and Faris Turkistani.


My research also focuses on the inaccessibility of hardware of technologies and internet speeds across the world and environmental impact of these. At the moment I am looking into the pros and cons of PoS and PoW NFT models.


My practice takes me into new areas of discovery, and confront my own experiences and ways my brain works to seek out experiences that sync my imagination into this world. I grow from talking to people about their own knowledge base, especially in countries and cultures that are different to my own. In Saudi I learnt about mythical creature Hmar al gayla who comes out at dawn and I was able to feature her in my work through a Majlis workshop session at Misk Art Institute in 2021, where I asked participants to draw their own interpretation of her.


I see myself targeting a variety of opportunities working with multi-disciplinary fields where I can expand my knowledge base and skillset with technologies. Particularly mixed and augmented reality and in unusual spaces to exhibit and share this work. Also to be able to make these technologies and experiences accessible to a wider range of audiences.


Samantha's work has been featured in Vice, ICA, Misk Art Institute, Athens Digital Arts Festival, isthisis?, Furtherfield Gallery, British Journal of Photography, Creative Review and The Photographers' Gallery.

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